November 30, 2005 - Archive

Day 103

Greetings, and welcome to day 103 in our struggle against the Union busting efforts of Northwest Management.

The news around the system remains unchanged, our brothers and sisters at the outstations are still committed to our struggle, but as with the picketers here many of them have had to find other employment and are picketing when they are able to. But it is encouraging to hear that even in the face of finding new employment that there as well as here our picketers continue to man the lines.

Support for our strike is still strong and comes from all areas, such as the Laborers that chartered a bus and walked the picket line with us some weeks ago, to the Gas Workers Union that will be walking with us tomorrow December 1st   in the evening to show their support for our struggle. And support from inside the walls of NWA itself, where our friends in the other unions have called, or come to the camp expressing their disgust at the Scabs that have crossed the lines, and they are now forced to work with. They tell us of conversations over heard amongst managers who also relate their disgust of the very Scabs they now have to manage. Our friends tell us of how these scabs walk the halls of NWA rank with the odor of their betrayal, unable to raise their heads and look our friends in the eye because they know what they are. This is the life that they have chosen, because their fear of the outside world was to great to allow them to function like an adult and continue the battle.

 My mind reels at the thought that if this is what our generation is made of then I thank God we were never called on for a task such as that of winning WWII.

But then we must put things in prospective, even with the growing numbers of panty soiling scabs that are now visible to us with the return of our Building B picket area, we must remember that NWA had to scourer more than 9,000 laid off and current employees to come up with the number that have betrayed us. In every generation you have those who cannot cut the mustard in life’s journey, and in this battle we have identified the weak as well.

So when you look at it our strike is still strong, the Men and Women of dignity far outweigh the panty soiling filth that have crossed our lines.

And I like the rest of you am proud of the decision I have made; I have a fan club of at least one, my middle son, and an Iraqi war veteran. Tonight I overheard him talking on the phone to someone, and not knowing what was the meat of the conversation I heard him say “ That I and the other picketers are his heroes, for standing up for our beliefs and not cowering when things got rough, and how he would have followed any one of us into combat.”  I doubt that any of the Scabs could say that they have had the same said of them, not to many children find the traits of Benedict Arnold, or the Walker spy family that admirable.