November 27, 2005 - Archive

Day 100 

Welcome to day 100 of our righteous battle against the Union busting efforts of NWA management. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving sharing the holiday with family and friends. As I said before there is much to be thankful for.

The big news this past week was that the Judge ruled late Wednesday on the suit we filed against the MAC, and agreed with AMFA that we have a right to picket at the entrance to Building B.

Within 15 minutes of notification of the ruling we had our picketers in place, only to be rousted by the MAC police who had not yet received the word. But after some calls and a few faxes we again returned to our rightful place at building B.

And lets just say that the Big Red Rudder is none to happy about it, that morning 9 cars did the about face and would not cross our picket lines, and by that evening, I received numerous phone calls from our IAM friends inside who had over heard Management railing over the fact that we were back, and that they would document whatever minor infraction there was, in order to have us removed again.

So I will implore each of you on the picket line, please be on our best behavior, especially when at Building B, stay within the J barriers. And carry no flashlights at Building B whatsoever so when the Vance goons, or the filth that crosses our lines fabricates a story we can show that we are guiltless. Because a Picket location that aggravates Management and the traitorous Scabs as much as this one does, is much to precious to lose again.