Local 33 webmaster note:  The following are emails that I am receiving from the Flight Attendants at Northwest Airlines on their observations since the strike began. Personal identifying information has been removed for obvious reasons.   Send to webmaster@amfa33.org

Note to F/A's:  Don't help the SCABS, let them make the mistakes in the log book for documentation investigations by the FAA and OIG.  Always remember to file a NASA safety report if necessary.  http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/forms/PDF_Files/cabin.pdf

Received:  Thu, 9 Feb 2006 19:34:17

"Not much being said here. Are the aircraft getting better? Did the AMFA scab come in and save the day? Are the scabs making it easier for the company to replace you too? Let's hear from the inside! We all know the pilots won't talk... what about you?"

I hear you and I don't know what to say. I DO think that the scabs that crossed your picket line have really hurt you--it was ambling along pretty pitifully without the people with experience on these aircraft. That being said, there is still a TON of deferments on these aircraft. Yesterday my 757 had the page front and back full of deferments (manila page in bag of log books.) I continue to write up any mechanicals in the log book, no matter my location. I follow the letter of the law, no more and no less. I do not fraternize with these mechanics, neither on the bus nor in the A/C. Most flight attendants don't either, but we have our idiots of course. They hang their heads on the property mostly, I think, and really stick to themselves. The latest news that NWA is losing their FAA Part 145 Certificate gives me hope that there will be some justice, however belated it is. Daily I wonder if there will be a crash, honestly. We should have all struck together, even if it meant liquidation. What good are the jobs that will be left if we bow down to all of this? I'm with you as much as I can be and so are a great many other flight attendants, I just want you to know.

Received:  Tue, 7 Feb 2006 08:26:23

Not much being said here. Are the aircraft getting better? Did the AMFA scab come in and save the day? Are the scabs making it easier for the company to replace you too? Lets hear from the inside ! We all know the pilots won't talk... what about you?

Received:  Thu, 5 Jan 2006 10:51:55

HR 4582- Requiring Background Checks of all mechanics, etc. is now in Committee in the House of Representatives. Please target your letters to the following members: Keep your chin up, all hope is not lost for some justice!


Here is my sample letter that I am continuing to fill up in inflight offices (they are flying off the board!)

Dear Representative____________________________,

I am a Northwest Airlines Flight Attendant and I support my union brothers and sisters of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association who are currently striking against Northwest Airlines to protest up to 75% outsourcing of their jobs. Please support bill (HR 4582) introduced by
Congressman Rob Andrews (D-NJ) that would require anyone who works on a U.S. aircraft at an outsourced repair station, either domestically or overseas, to undergo an FBI background security check. The FBI background checks have long been mandatory for aircraft technicians employed by U.S. airlines. This is part of a massive effort by Northwest Airlines to outsource over 50% of all employees on the property and this continues with all work groups as you read this letter. This loophole will only grow in size as all of us are outsourced.

I feel that it is unconscionable and unsafe for the "replacement workers" to not have to meet the same requirements as co-workers out on the picket line. To me this is an affront to every American who is concerned about aircraft security and maintenance. Doesn't this seem like an unsafe loophole in our security? Now many of the aircraft maintenance facilities are uncertified and not background checked or drug tested. Isn't this a case of "you get what you pay for?" I work with these replacement workers every day and I can honestly say that many of them cannot adequately communicate with me and do not have anywhere near the kind of familiarity with the aircraft that our veteran mechanics did.

"Congress has a responsibility to protect our nation from another terrorist attack," said Congressman Andrews. "If we do not implement tough safety standards for all persons working on U.S. aircraft, both at home and abroad, then it's a dereliction of our duty. It is imperative for Congress to act now."

I thank you for your service to our state and country and I look forward to hearing from you about the outsourcing of airline jobs and the national security and safety implications of this.

Received:  Thu, 29 Dec 2005 21:02:10

Just wanted to say that my soul hurts for all of you. I do not know what to do for you anymore. Food donations money donations I have done. I have walked the line with you and still am with you .No matter what the vote brings know that there are many of us that miss you and like a death do not know what to do or say to comfort you. You will forever be respected for the stance you took.

SEA/FA 33 years

Received:  Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:30:25

Dear Friends,
Do not feel forgotten; I have been very busy writing letters to my Congressmen about your plight. I have posted a sample letter online at a
couple of flight attendant websites, sent it to the PFAA, and will be posting copies of it in the airport inflight offices for others. I am very
sad at what has come to pass and have decided to leave NWA over this abominable treatment of AMFA and the rest of us. I will finish my degree and leave, but I won't be twiddling my thumbs while I'm still here. Please take care of yourselves and know that there are a great many of us who are still fighting for you, even if we aren't out on the picket lines with you.

Received:  Fri, 16 Dec 2005 18:31:06

I did an ETOPS operated flt on wed. After we pushed back from the gate the Capt comes on the PA to tell us that we had to go back. We later find out that there was an engine fire indicator light on in engine #1. The vendor/replacement worker comes on and asks if it was the right engine. The manager on duty says, "NO, THE LEFT!!!!" He chuckles and thinks it is funny!!! OMG!!! This is the caliber and quality of the people that we have working on our aircraft now. After learning of this I go into the cockpit to voice my concerns. I told the Pilots, I am not in the mood for swimming today, and am concerned about what was said. Thank God there was an aircraft swap done!!! I just hope that they did figure out where the #1 engine is!!!

Received:  Thu, 8 Dec 2005 09:36:18

Although the numbers were not officially published, word has it that  close to half of the Flight Attendants voted in favor of a sympathy strike. Many of us were ready to walk with the members of AMFA. On this website there are AMFA members stating, "Don't wave at us when you drive by the picket lines". What about those of us who do support you? Our hands have been completely tied. Our Strength is only in numbers.

Voting time will be upon us again soon. This time things WILL be different. God willing....your difficult sacrifices will finally be recognized! Your work has not been in vain! I know that you all feel like you have been abandoned. Wait until we all get a chance to vote. Many of us are sticking around this dreadful place only to let our voices be heard. Northwest management has completely ruined this airlines chance of survival. Their treatment of their employees is inhumane. What they have done to the members of AMFA they have done to us all. I demand the members of PFAA, IAM and ALPA to finally wake up and join this historic fight! Let us finally give the members of AMFA the long overdue support they deserve! If it means shutting down Northwest Airlines, so be it!

Received:  Fri, 2 Dec 2005 21:24:13

NWA Flight Attendant/AMFA Tech Wife- I am still outraged about what the IAM is calling a "Labor" rally, so I called everyone on
the flyer to let them know what I think. I called Will Holman the ALPA spokesperson.  He told me that ALPA has tried to extend themselves to AMFA the past 2 yrs and that AMFA wouldn't cooperate with them. What he had to say next was especially funny!! He said that ALPA has chosen not to support AMFA because a couple AMFA members "snitched" on pilots that were having affairs on their wives!!!
I asked him that because of rumors and innuendo, ALPA is not going to support AMFA? How childish!!! Also, if they weren't having affairs, there wouldn't be a story to tell!!!! I guess infidelity is more important to defend than union solidarity, the basic foundation to which unions were formed!!! Amazing, coming from a group that calls themselves highly educated!!!!

Received:  Wed, 30 Nov 2005 21:35:58

 Hi, I am a NWA f/a and the wife of a striking AMFA member. I was just reading the PFAA website and am totally disgusted with the "Labor" Rally that IAM is holding.  I read the letter, and Bobby De Pace CC'd all unions except for AMFA. I wish PFAA would boycott it. I am sending Guy Meek and Bob Krabbe the following email.

Dear Guy and Bob,
I find it despicable that the IAM is holding what they call a "labor" rally to object to NWA trying to break unions, but not invite AMFA! That union paid the ultimate price in the machination to outsource jobs and break unions. To even consider joining sides with IAM would be a slap in the face to all striking mechanics and cleaners. As of now they are still employees, although they are striking ones. One group had to be the scapegoat to put the fear of God in all of us, and AMFA was the chosen group. Having the rally and not inviting AMFA to participate is crossing the picket line one more time.  It must be nice for everyone that isn't related to an AMFA striking member to live in their own little bubble and forget that we have striking members on our property.  At a time like this, we ALL need to stand together. ALL NWA employees, and not just the chosen few!!! Just because we are still employed by NWA today, does not mean we will be a year from now. We all need to think about that.  If you don't remember, AMFA members also shared in the pain in '93 when we gave pay concessions. It wasn't only
ALPA, PFAA, TWU and the other groups that were "invited" to the rally. If you are truly union leaders, then you truly need to show solidarity. And, I mean solidarity with all union members on NWA property!

If AMFA isn't invited, I think we should boycott the "labor" rally. If it is truly about "labor", then they are the ones that should be honored!! As I said, they gave the ultimate sacrifice in this whole ugly event!!!!

Received:  Wed, 30 Nov 2005 07:41:26

Flight Attendants: Please file a NASA report on what you witness!

This cooperative safety reporting program invites pilots, controllers, flight attendants, maintenance personnel, and other users of the National Airspace System (NAS), or any other person, to report to NASA actual or potential discrepancies and deficiencies involving the safety of aviation operations. Especially about scab mechanics not fluent in English as the FAA regulations spells out. Obviously they can't read "FWD" vs. "AFT".

Received:  Tue, 29 Nov 2005 19:54:32

Just got off a 3 day DC-9 trip...
I did a write up in the FA book and let me tell you how it was handled...
This is the write up as put in the book.....
FWD XMK IN FORWARD CLOSET IS MISSING GREEN SEAL.... So two SCABS come on to fix it..... They go right past the FWD closet and head to the back of the plane!! DUH!!! I look back and one is standing on the seat in the back with his  flashlight looking at the AFT XMK..
I leave to get food and when I come back the orange sticker has been removed from the forward kit but still no green seal...So I ask the other FA who stayed on the plane what they did and she said I don't know they were in the back forever than he walked up took the orange sticker off the forward XMK and left... We looked in the book and it was signed off as "inventoried kit"...What? That was not the issue! The captain called him back and asked "did you read the write up"...Just missing a green seal... So he asked did you really inventory the kit cause the FA was sitting right there? So his name was on there should we need medical stuff during the flight and it "wasn't" in there he would be held responsible...The SCAB just kept saying "I'm sorry".... Needless to say we did get our green seal but "good god"!!!

Received:  Fri, 25 Nov 2005 13:00:45

True Story----- Scab walks in door 1L on the 757. Looks at the F/A and asks, "Is there another door back there?" NWA went from the "best mechanics in the business" to this... It is true that MANY barely speak English. Well, you get what you pay for. I strongly believe this will all lead to the demise of this company. Bring back our AMFA guys/girls before it is too late!!! NWA is digging their own grave.

Received:  Mon, 21 Nov 2005 23:12:36

Just got off another 4 day trip.  Red tape and stickers abound.  Our captain was beyond disgusted with maintenance.  His take on it was, these inexperienced scabs keep replacing parts and boxes, without doing any diagnostic testing whatsoever, and so the original problem keeps repeating itself.  Parts are expensive.  These scabs keep costing NWA more and more money.  Great plan, Andy.  I wonder if anyone who gives a shit has looked around lately.  Not only are the aircraft falling apart and filthy, but so are jetways and everyplace else on property.  Attitudes are so bad, that people who used to bend over to pick up garbage now just kick it out of the way.  Myself included.  Oh, and when the captain says "flight attendants prepare for departure" we now just make the sign of the cross. 

Received:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 15:03:37

I can not tell all of you how much you are all missed out on the line fixing my aircraft. My blood starts to boil when I walk down the jet way to the aircraft and I see the SCABS at the end trying to fix something. I have had many terrible experiences with these SCABS, but this one tops them all. The caterers pulled away from the aircraft and did not close the galley door (DC9) so the lead FA went to close it from the inside of the aircraft. As she was doing this the inside plastic portion of the door , from the door handle up to the top of the door , was not attached to the door frame so she was unable to close it because you could not pull on the molded handle that is part of the plastic portion since it was not attached to the door. The Captain called for mechanics. 2 SCABS showed up and had no idea what to do. They made a few calls and decided to put a piece of velcro on the top of it and signed the book. The two velcro pieces did not even line up to hold together. The lead looked at it and saw that even in normal operation this door could not be opened let alone in an emergency situation. She informed the Captain, he called for a mechanic AGAIN. 3 SCABS came up this time with the roll of red unserviceable tape. Yes you read that right they were going to MEL the galley door, a primary exit of the aircraft. The Captain came out and told them this was not an option. At the same time we heard the SCABS radio go off telling him to "quit messing around, put the tape on so this aircraft could push back". The Captain told the SCAB to get the person
who just said that to get up to the aircraft. And what to our surprise it was a manager. We now have 4 SCABS in the front of a DC9 trying to
decide what to do. The manager sent 2 of the SCABS away and he and another one finally fixed the door. If the Captain and us FA's hadn't
said anything they would have attempted to MEL the door. They do not know how to fix anything, they only know how to put red unserviceable tape on things. Your experience and training are truly missed out here. We want you ALL back to work and get these SCABS out of here!


Received:  Wed, 2 Nov 2005 23:44:50

I'm glad I found this site, as it confirms that what's been happening routinely on my trips is widespread. The company seems to be short on 757s, and is routinely borrowing from one destination to get out another flight that's been delayed even longer. We took a two-hour delay in MSP recently to have a strong smell of urine located and dealt with properly. Don't laugh, it's true. Apparently this aircraft had been flying around for a week smelling like this, and no one could figure it out. All the previous write-ups were dealt with by either emptying the lavs or replacing seat cushions in the area of the smell. You would think after doing this seven times, that someone would try something else. When we boarded the AC, we noticed the smell right away, and the captain checked the logbook and discovered that maintenance had been monkeying around with this problem for a week. We decided to write it up again, as the smell was awful, and we could not subject passengers to it any longer. I can only imagine how the previous week's worth of flights were for the crew and passengers, or how many maintenance hours were spent on searching for the problem. What unfolded over the next two hours was truly shocking. I kept having to remind myself that we were in MSP, as you would have thought by the way things were handled, that we had diverted to some third-world country that had never seen an airplane before. Seriously. I lost count of how many replacements came and went, stood around in groups on the jet bridge looking dumbfounded discussing the problem. Sure enough, the first thing they wanted to do was empty the lav and change the seat cushions, for the
eighth time! It was like nobody had even read all the prior write ups. We, the FAs, had to tell them that wasn't the problem. Honestly, the response from a replacement was, "Well, what is it?"!!! At one point, I was coaching the replacements down the path of logical reasoning, and the process of elimination to determine that the smell was coming from between two first class seats. Not from the lav, not from the seat cushions (yes, someone had to smell the seat cushions, and it wasn't the replacements), but from the carpet. To make a longer story shorter, finally the carpet was replaced, and we departed two hours late. We arrived at our outbound station, and now on the next leg everyone is delayed and misses connections in DTW, some to international flights. Of course the passengers don't have a clue that had our competent, skilled, and experienced mechanics been on the job, that it never would have taken 2 hours to replace a small piece of carpet! The word needs to get out in the media that it is most definitely not "business as usual". Someone needs to connect the dots that all these delays aren't "routine". It's incompetence! Where exactly did these replacements get their "average five years of experience"!? I agree with the other posts that I'm truly amazed that something major hasn't happened yet. I voted yes to support the strike, and really feel guilty every time I come to work and see you guys standing outside the employee lot. It's a shameful situation for us all. I will let other FAs know about this site. Peace.

Received:  Wed, 2 Nov 2005 15:20:27

November 2, 2005

My last four day trip started out late from the gate due to our aircraft sitting in the hangar where it had to go because of the "10-day" rule regarding MEL's?

When in finally did get to the gate late, the stench from the un-emptied lav's was horrendous. Apparently it had been sitting for 3 days in this state at the hangars, and the stench almost caused vomiting among the crew. Our captain would not allow passengers to be boarded until the plane was serviced and cleaned, it was that bad.

Forty-five minutes later, when it was more presentable and we're ready to board, we discover that the plane is going right back into the hangar, as the original mechanical hadn't been fixed after all.

We had to ship-change across the terminal, thus, our four flights all day long were late as well.

I just want to let you know, this is the rule, not the exception. Things are horrible still, without you professional and experienced mechanics on board. The scabs are worthless.

Also, I'd like to comment on the lack of comments from pilots. It's shameful. The ones that chose to respond only did so with chiding and lecturing. The truth is, pilots have never supported anyone but themselves. Pete Moore, chief pilot, proved that oh so shamefully when the day of the strike, he sat in a video with management touting the contingency plant and how the "replacement workers" were very qualified.

The company has been meticulously planning this union busting effort for quite some time, duh, and mechanics have been watching silently, for the past couple of years now, hangars and shops being gutted, shut down, and jobs shipped overseas. The hangars were like morgues over there. For these pilots to turn it into a pay-cut issue when you're fighting for your livelihoods, shows how self involved they are. What they expected, was everyone else to roll over and say "sure, we'll give up our careers and pensions and 25% of our salary, because we certainly wouldn't want the pilots to lose their fat and obscene retirement." I mean, how the hell much does someone need to retire on? So for you pilots who are writing in, not in support of mechanics, who by the way, only started making a decent salary since the last contract, but would rather childe them, the truth is, you're only angry that YOU lost your obscene pension. Like your mommy should have taught you long ago, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Which has been speaking volumes, I guess.

And for the mechanics who've crossed the picket lines. You're worse than scabs. You stabbed your brothers and sisters in the back because you decided that you are more important than they are. The company was having a hard time with the inexperienced scabs, then you all breeze in and make it that much easier for them. Like Chris Johnson, back-stabbing scab who took money from the auto worker's union, then crossed the picket line, said "well I didn't want to throw my career away." You think everyone else does? You selfish lazy people, never even looked for work. Not only are your scabs, but you're losers.

For the rest of you, stay strong, hang in there. MOST of us support you. It's truly a cesspool at NWA now without you there.

Received:  Thu, 27 Oct 2005 18:26:19

The atmosphere at this airline is awful--everyone's attitude is in the toilet. It is NOT business as usual, and don't even think of taking these
crooks' story for truth. Almost everyone that I've talked to HATES this lousy company and the scumbags that are running it. I've never seen it
anywhere close to this bad with morale. Even the easiest things are beyond these scabs and they MEL them. We have so many damn extra planes right now; they can afford to have these idiots around. What is going to happen when they cancel their leases on a couple of hundred planes and actually have to FIX a g.d. airplane? The scabs have started coming on board when we land to check and make sure that we haven't "removed" any of the emergency equipment. They disgust me and most of my co-workers. On the bus the other day a few scabs got on and were all shaking hands, patting each other on the back, etc. in the back of the bus by me. I got up, grabbed my bags, and marched to the front of the bus after giving them a scathing look. The rampers in the front of the bus said, "Good for you!" Last week another scab mechanic asked for some coffee and the very sweet (normally) lead flight attendant said, "oh, but you aren't supposed to TAKE anything off the aircraft" and pointedly looked at his badge. It's ugly for them, gentlemen, don't think any differently. I've heard some doozies from the ramp. I will continue to write things up that are not functioning properly, with all detail given to proper protocol. I will not be intimidated and if I am I will take it to the FAA and DOT. I feel that extra vigilance is called for with these incompetents and am very nervous while in the air. I sincerely hope that the NWA board and executives will be called to account in the SEC complaint for their disgusting union busting and unnecessary bankruptcy
filing. Keep your chin up and know that you are not forgotten.

Received:  Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:36:10

I was a NWA Flight Attendant. I resigned (retired, actually, on September 1). I was very much moved by the AMFA situation. I knew that sooner or later I would be unable to cross the line. By following what was going on in the AMFA camp, I was able to very clearly see what I needed to do. I started by writing to Suzanne Boda on July 28 with my concerns. She is head of Inflight Services. My letter to her and her response is below. I knew immediately when I read her response that my days were numbered.

I want you to know that at no time during my 16 years at Northwest did I ever feel unsafe about being on any airplane. Never. Not until AMFA struck. I handed in my resignation before the strike on August 15. When I turned in my ID and manuals on September 1 they also made me give back that ridiculous 99-cent flashlight (or I would not get a final paycheck!!)... I hope that flashlight goes to good use, maybe Julie Showers will use it to find the ladies' toilet when Minnesota Power turns off the electricity in Building A.

I am sorry that the flight attendants did not strike with you. We had our chance and blew it. Although I commuted to DTW and didn't physically cross a line, there was no difference, getting on any NWA aircraft at any location was in fact crossing the line. I am not proud of myself for doing that but I made my decision to "retire" and free myself from The Red Tail.

"NEVER COMPROMISE SAFETY"...bullcrap, they are glad to compromise safety if it means getting rid of a Union. Honestly the worst thing about working for NWA was that they think we are all a bunch of ignorant slobs. That is why I will always hate them.

I am now selling my NWA stuff on eBay like my service pins ($20 for that piece of costume jewelry, I almost feel guilty). I still worry about an accident with fatalities, after what I saw in 2 weeks it is amazing to me that there hasn't been one. I do not regret my resignation. Life is better now.

Received:  Tue, 18 Oct 2005 13:12:40

Hi I am writing to you thanks to my good friend Ken Hefley by giving me this site thank you for all your help in passing things on for us , I was working the DC9-30 flight 411 from msp /dfw/msp on 10/17/05 when arriving was told there was a mechanical and noticed 3 replacement workers in the flight deck the F/O came on and talked to them to find out we had a deicing seal that was written up and they were going to attempt to replace it however none of the 3 scabs knew exactly what the procedure was so they had 2 more scabs come and evaluate the
situation . The F/O took it upon himself to explain how the system works and then came back to complain to us FA's that he spends 2 hours a day teaching these scabs to repair our aircraft and the system !!!! As we both commented on "Why would you do that knowing we have Qualified Mechanics with families to feed out on the picket lines...... the response was first to ignore us then to comment that hopefully it saves his job for another couple years...The F/O then proceeds to inform the Capt who arrives and they talk and decide to make a call to get this item deferred as the weather from msp to dfw was in no danger of needing this Deicing seal to make the trip and the fact that the AC was coming right back to msp so it could wait, after all the F/O was from DFW and since his 17 hour layover from VPS was changed to 16 hours in DFW he would save $50 in daycare expense by picking up his children and maybe save his job by a few years !!!!!! I can't believe we have such INCOMPETENT people working at this airlines !!! I understand that the weather did not warrant this item to be a must fix, so they say, but just
wanted to let you know the continued neglect and safety issues of the people like this flight deck crew who thought it more important to get home to save 50 dollars then to properly maintain airplanes as they educate the scabs !!!!!  And since when do Capt's & F/O's have the say so as to what gets fixed on the AC and what can be deferred ???  Thank God I am out of here on the 30th of Oct my life is worth more then the 50 dollars saved to not be inconvenienced as this F/O was and I pray daily people like him have no opportunity to bank on his pension !!!! My
prayers and thoughts are with you guys as you are Sadly missed !!!!!!

Received:  Tue, 18 Oct 2005 10:47:05

I absolutely agree with the previous flight attendant's statement. I do not want this to be a complaint on the forum for which it is not intended. When I read that retired pilot's posting I thought I was going to have a stroke. My blood pressure is still high because of it. It makes me sick to think that a person like that is/was in charge of an aircraft of other humans. Perhaps some of these guys should go to freight carriers where the human element is not there. (oh wait, then who would serve them their crew meal)? Sure they may be skilled, but many of them got their skills at taxpayer expense from the military. Mechanics know every inch of those aircraft nut by screw by bolt. According to one airline "analyst" there are two things that keep an aircraft in the air, the manufacturing of the jet, and the quality of maintenance done to maintain it. The pilot is just the glorified "bus driver".  We miss seeing you and talking with you every flight. The morale is definitely gone! Do not really see how it could get any better at this point, unless of course we can find some real "talent" to run this company.  You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Hang tough!!

Received:  Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:08:16

I know that this is supposed to be for flight attendant observations of the replacement workers, but I had to respond to that selfish s.o.b. retired pilot's post from the 16th. Gross, man, how can you live with yourself? I'm happy to say that most of the pilots that I fly with in NO WAY sound like this idiot. All he cares about is HIMSELF!!! He could not care less if we were all replaced by scabs, just so he gets his retirement. He makes me sick. I am a flight attendant and I am proud to support AMFA. I know it's a waste of time to tell this idiot to read Northwest's "offers," he's just looking for an excuse to turn his back on you guys so he feels better about his selfish opinions. How does he think that ALPA would respond to 75% outsourcing??!?!?!?!? Take good care of yourselves, guys, and don't think that this "person" is representative of most of the work groups, or even of the pilots.

Received: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 16:15:21

I am an amfa wife and also a flight attendant. I have had my fill of scabs and all the insane things that are going on, and trust me there have been many, but last night I about lost it when I saw a guy in the cockpit of the A320 that is an amfa guy. I wanted to go up and tell him
everything on my mind but I was afraid I would lose absolute control of myself. I have to say the morale is in the toilet and nobody wants to even be on the property. I could go on about the scab incidents and how the only ones I see fixing anything are the managers but at this point all I want is for my husband to get as far away from this company as he can and hopefully some day I can to. Please know you are not forgotten by the fa's. We would give anything to have you guys back. Hang in there. One last thing....I did have a captain tell me to tell my husband that he wishes it was him that was forced out...I know, easy for him to say but! trust me, things aren't going so good for them and their time is running out. Stay strong you guys and you will all end up in a better place. God Bless.

Received:  Sun, 16 Oct 2005 16:05:12

Rumor has it that Steenland told the pilots in a meeting at NATCO recently that flight attendants are nothing but over-paid vending machines. Attempts are being made to verify that statement, but it surely wouldn't surprise me, after the consideration he has shown to your group. I just want to express my support for you and hope the FAs who voted not to honor your action wake up.

Received:  Sat, 15 Oct 2005 08:23:34 -0400

This unbelievable, utterly unacceptable "offer" that you posted on amfa33.org for 14 October broke my heart. Who are these maniacs that run
this company? All I can say is, we (flight attendants, etc.) are next and we all need to wake up and smell the rotten garbage in Minneapolis. I'm
dumbfounded by this latest slap in the face from management. Please take good care of yourselves and hang in there; we miss your skills and integrity every day on every flight.

Received:  Sat, 15 Oct 2005 07:46:35 -0500

500 jobs! That's it? And now NWA has some kind of loyalty to the replacement workers who have been with the company for a month and a
half? Is this some kind of bad dream? Do they realize the message that they are sending to the rest of the employees? Doesn't matter if you put your heart and soul into this company, it will be stomped on and stomped on until there is no life left in you. This airline will undoubtedly fail under those principles! In the next 51 days this whole thing is going to backfire in their faces! I hope that you guys stick to your guns and vote this latest proposal down. I also hope that the IAM, PFAA and ALPA will finally wake up and join this historic fight. I hope that one or all of the groups will strike.  This is not about us as individuals, it is much greater than that. It is about the futures of our grandchildren. As a Flight Attendant, I am ready to shut this airline down and their are many who will join me. Who in their right mind would want to work for this disgusting heartless organization any longer?

Received:  Fri, 14 Oct 2005 01:43:43 +0000

I agree the pilots are a disgrace these days they are so busy kissing the company's ass, like it is going to make a difference to their negotiations one bit! The pilots are blind having been the golden child of the airline for so long I plan on laughing my ass off when they come back to reality.

Received:  Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:06:00 -0500

HI Guys. Just a note to say we are thinking and praying for you. I am not flying until you are back. I took the furlough. I can't stand what is going on. I had FAA on and I noticed the cord holding the megaphone in was broken. I told the captain with FAA standing there. We were in the boarding process. The scab came back, took the cord and fixed it. He came back to the aft of a DC-9 to put the cord on and instead of going around the mouth of the megaphone he tried to put it around the handle well it too much of a stretch for the cord. It broke again. He had to take it off the plane to fix it again. When he came back he tried to put in on the same way. We were already an hour late. I finally said If you don't know what you are doing I could tell you. I did after awhile. I had embarrassed him so bad he was shaking. The whole plane of people were clapping and saying that they wanted the old mechanics back. Then the captain said all he had to do was sigh it off. Another first class pax said, "That will take another hour just to find the book." I never saw someone shake like that before.  He ran out of the plane really fast.

Received:  Mon, 10 Oct 2005 04:20:12 +0000

I wanted to share an incident I had with a replacement worker and to let you know that you are not forgotten by the flight attendants. Upon routine walk around of the A/C by the F/O a hydraulic leak was found and logged in the maint. log book. After a delay the scab returned and stated that he had tightened the seals and that they were signing off for us to go. The F/O decided to do another walk around. Upon the second walk around he noticed that not only was the leak NOT fixed but that it was leaking worse than his initial report stated. He was quite angry as were the flight attendants- we refused the aircraft. I am outraged that this scab was going to let an aircraft leave with a hydraulics leak.
This incident was reported to the chief pilot, FAA and a ASR report was filed I also reported it to the inspector generals office for the DOT. I also sent a detailed copy of the incident to my senators and governor. I have downloaded your NASA report and will fill that out ASAP.
Stay strong guys we are pulling for you~ we are all in the same sinking ship. Damn the man!

Received:  Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:04:09 +0000

Aft. Fwd. Facing Flight Attendant jumpseat INOP. This jumpseat, Flight Attendant position C, is a minimum crew position, minimum F/A crew A-319 is three. With only two jumpseats in the Aft. section of the aircraft an aisle passenger seat in the last row must be designated " For Flight Attendant Use Only."

Upon boarding the aircraft a noticed a "replacement worker" in the flight deck checking the logbooks. As I went about performing my pre-flight safety check, I noticed the aft. fwd. facing F/A jumpseat was wrapped in red tape. I went to the back of the aircraft to check to see if a passenger seat had been designated for Flight Attendant use. No seat had been placarded. I went forward to speak to the "replacement worker". The man spoke broken english, his first language being spanish. I tried to explain the situation to him, however it was difficult due to his limited understanding of the english language. The man told me that mechanics don't put placards on seats to designate them for Flight Attendant use only, he said that it was the Flight Attendant's responsibility. I told him that it was standard operating procedure with Northwest Airline Mechanics and that he'd better check the MEL book. He brought out the book and showed me MEL Item # 25-22-01B, which was! the item listed in the cabin logbook. The description of this item did not mention minimum crew positions. I told him that there must be another section and I tried to turn the page. He put his hand on the book and stopped me from turning the page, saying, "oh no, this only thing." I told him to call a supervisor. Just then the First Officer boarded the aircraft and I told him that as soon as he was settled in the flight deck that I needed to talk to him. I explained the situation and the F/O agreed. Shortly thereafter a supervisor came to the aircraft along with the original "mechanic", the first officer pointed out the correct MEL Item # 25-22-01A and explained that a passenger seat had to be placarded with specific terminology "FOR FLIGHT ATTENDANT USE ONLY". The original mechanic was sent back to placard the seat, while his supervisor corrected the entry in the logbook to reflect the proper MEL item number. His first attempt with placard number 040749 said, "Exlusive Only Use Flight Attendant." (notice the spelling "Ex-Lusive"). In addition the placard was loosely stuck to the headrest o! f the seat. I informed the F/O that the placard was wrong and that it was already falling off. I had to call the "replacement worker" back just as he was leaving the jet-bridge. The F/O again told him that the placard had to have the specific terminology stated in the MEL book. As he was going to the back of the aircraft to change the placard we asked him, "Do you want us to hold boarding." to which he respond, "Any-tyne." Obviously, he did not understand the question. After he was done I went back to check the placard, this time it said, "Use Only Flight Attendant." I went forward to report this to the F/O. By this time the original "replacement worker" had left so our F/O had to radio for another "mechanic". A third "replacement worker" showed up this time and the correct terminology was used , but the placard was again stuck to the headrest and was peeling off. I asked the "mechanic" to use tape so that the placard would not fall off, but I was ignored. The logbbook page number listed on the placard was 9790007. The incorrect write-up was done on Oct. 2, 2005 and was not corrected until the afternoon of Oct. 3,
2005. This was a fairly simple write-up, but a delay was caused by incompetence. It is a sad day when Flight Attendants have to instruct "mechanics" in proper MEL procedures.

Additionally, Flight Attendants have had to show these "replacement workers" how to open cabin access panels, such as the clear panel in the galley ceiling of the Airbus. I had one "replacement worker" board a 757 and ask me what kind of A/C it was. He entered the plane at door 2L, however when he came out of the flight deck and saw that 1L was closed he began to panic thinking that we were pushing with him onboard. I had to point him to the door through which he had entered .

Received:  Thu, 6 Oct 2005 22:26:56 +0000

Hello Friends,
I am more sorry than I can say that you are still on the picket lines.  I will continue to picket whenever I'm off duty, I did so enjoy the time we spent at Andrea Fischer-Newman's house on Tuesday.  The incidents of mechanical delays and f***-ups are enumerable.  I agree with the earlier FA's that I am in fear for my life on a daily basis and truly wish that we had walked with you. 

Just to tell a few 1.)First week of strike: engine temp. gauge showing overheating--several hours of "troubleshooting" with a huge group gathered around plane finally led to a manager coming and MEL-ing it after they wired something closed.  He had to help them do the paperwork and he said that everything was going down the tubes. He was fed up then; I can't imagine
that he's still at the airline.  2.) Had a plane in LAX that had not had its regular inspection (I'm not sure what it's called) and the pilot refused to go anywhere until that was done.  Pilot commented that this had been happening frequently lately. 3.) Toilets are being over-filled and it is going all over the aircraft on takeoff and landing.  As you can imagine, this causes the plane to be taken out of commission.  The scab cleaners run around trying to find outlets for the wet-dry vac and it's pitiful. 4.) Pilot told me on 10/2/05 that he just did a Maui trip out of Seattle and the mechanic told him that they were 5 days behind on paperwork.  Another pilot on the same flight said that the company was threatening the pilots with private investigators and warning them about any comments about maintenance.

There are so many instances of bizarre behavior and incompetence with the scabs that it's impossible to remember them all.  It happens almost every day. It seems to me that they just MEL everything they can and then try to catch up on the big stuff at the hangar.  I think the only thing that saves them is all the extra planes. I have not seen a scab fix anything, except a light bulb or something like that.  They don't even do simple things right---you should have seen the lav the other day--he sealed the entire door with tape and then taped across the front.  You would think it was a crime scene. In addition, he could hardly speak English.  I love people of the world, but I do think that they should be able to understand our logbook write-ups and directions.  The managers are the only ones that seem to be able to actually accomplish anything and if you don't have one, then it takes FOREVER. 

In regards to the pilots denying us the logbook--this hasn't happened to me in a couple of weeks. Besides, it doesn't work with me anyway.  It is the "FLIGHT ATTENDANT MAINTENANCE LOGBOOK" and is therefore my responsibility to the FAA and that is what I say. It's a rare pilot who will face you down on that one. 

Good luck to you all, I hope to see you all back to work very soon. 

Received:  Thu, 6 Oct 2005 17:35:38 +0000

The Stress is unbelievable!  I too want to retire or quit- unfortunately that is not an option with only one paycheck coming in.  The only reason I'm still working is for the insurance.  I pray and suggest that for each and every family that has their eggs in one basket.. Move them to another pan before they get burned. 
Stay Strong, support each other, and NEVER go to bed feeling regret for what your fighting for.  My only regret is that our union did not have the strength that you all did.

Received:  Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:22:01 -0500

"I pray... I pray a lot. It is very scary out there, but nothing surprises me. I have seen where it took SIX scabs to replace a coffee maker and I don't remember ever seeing that in almost 20 yrs. It's hard when you leave for work and your 9 yr. old daughter says BE SAFE MOMMY."
I hope some of that sounds familiar to you as I reported this to Fox 9 news on Sunday. I only wish they would have put EVERYTHING I said on the air, however that would have been a 1 hour segment! I was asked what would make me feel safe on the job now.......that was a simple uneducated answer. "Northwest (the scum that they are) need to bring back our skilled mechanics. The people that took pride in their job and I felt SAFE." I support you guys 100% and I will continue to have my eyes and ears open to report such things to the media. "People can not just turn their heads anymore."

Received:  Tue, 4 Oct 2005 02:18:17 +0000

I just wanted to say farewell and good luck with your fight against the rotten corporate machine that's crushing our once great company.  I chose to take early retirement (after 18 years of airborne insanity - yes, I'm now a flight attendant with clipped wings :~)  rather than cross your picket line.  The thought of  flying around in winged tubes being serviced by scabs - who, by the way, don't get to experience the creepy thrill ride at 35,000 feet as the ultimate test of their maintenance "skills" - makes my skin crawl to the point where I don't even want to ever use my well deserved pass-ride retirement benefits.  How ironic.

You are the best of the best.  Don't sell your souls to the corporate Devil Dogs, who are setting the bar so low, it's almost comical.  Hold your ground, and please know there are those of us who have the utmost respect and admiration for your agenda. 

And by the way, I was VERY happy to hear you've hired someone to nip at the heels of Steenland and cronies.  Let's hope he can expose the financial shell games they've been playing at the employees' expense.  Can you spell J-A-I-L T-I-M-E?  A girl can dream, can't she?!! 

Received:  Mon, 3 Oct 2005 09:21:51 -0500

I am an NWA Flight Attendant. A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to work a flight to Amsterdam. We were delayed almost three hours due to an electrical problem. While we waited on board for the problem  to be fixed, we watched at least six scab mechanics and a couple of
managers in the back of the aircraft with a ceiling panel open. One had a book open the others were standing around scratching their heads. it was quite alarming to see this many mechanics on board. The problem must have been quite serious.

Three hours later the log book was signed off and away we went to Amsterdam. Well we got up into the air and the reading lights started blinking on and off throughout the whole aircraft. This was a night flight. The passengers were freaking out. They had been notified in the gate area of the electrical problem. One man was so irate he demanded the the captain land the plane. So what did the captain do? Sent the Second Officer back. He was out of the cockpit for over an hour ( I timed it). He was in the back of the aircraft near the galley with a ceiling panel open resetting circuit breakers.  In a post 9/11 environment a pilot should ONLY be leaving the cockpit to use the lavatory, not to do double duty as a mechanic. It was extremely disturbing not only to the crew, but to the passengers.

The Second Officer finally pulled enough circuit breakers for the reading lights to remain either in an on or off position and they stayed that way for the remainder of the flight. Some passengers whose lights remained in the on position for eight hours were extremely upset, because they wanted to sleep. The crew was amazed that the Captain continued on to Amsterdam. Just the perception that the problem really hadn't been fixed really looked bad.

This is one of MANY stories that I have witnessed since the mechanics went on strike. Northwest has done an amazing job putting spin the
their side of the story. The real truth is not getting out there! I go to work with a tremendous amount of anxiety that was not there
before the strike started. WE WANT OUR EXPERIENCED MECHANICS BACK TO WORK! What is it going to take a catastrophe? I am afraid so!

Received:  Sun, 2 Oct 2005 19:35:25 -0600

as usual the new tactic to discourage write-ups involves the pilot group. (Shame on You) I have been on several flights now where we had
write-ups and the pilots would not give us the maintenance book until after we landed, thus we would be writing up maintenance issues while passengers were deplaning or at the end of the day while they would jump out of the cockpit and sail home. New antics to try and dissuade fa's..

Needless to say it is frustrating and is being reported (at least by me) to the whistleblower program. There is no reason to delay these write-ups and continue to be intimidated!

The work environment is absolutely poisonous, NWA is making a huge mistake by harassing and intimidating their employees and it will be THEIR down fall.

I am outta here!
Good luck to all!

Received:  Sat, 1 Oct 2005 23:21:51 EDT

....wrote up two aft flashlights that had been used.  The scab had to ask us, the flight attendants, "Do I need to replace the whole flashlight or just the plastic strap?" This is not the only instance I've heard of scabs asking f/a input on what to do.  This, however, was my firsthand experience.  Doesn't inspire confidence. By the way.. I voted "YES!" to support the strike. Take care.. I'm out of here on the 31st !

Received:  Sat, 01 Oct 2005 17:21:07 +0000

I was hit in the chest as I tried to exit the galley. I have taken this all the way to the top with NWA and am waiting for their response...the scab was Larry Anderson based in MEM...Am fed up with the thugs NWA has hired...if I do not get a response that Larry Anderson has been fired....or better yet...I will go national with this.  Detroit free Press...or the MSP paper....I am committed to this....how dare a scab strike me!

Received:  Sun, 25 Sep 2005 23:58:12 EDT

Trust me things are not as rosy as Northwest acts.

My first trip back after your strike was a 5 day. We were late 100% of the time. And I have had a major delay on every trip since then. There is no such thing as a small mechanical now. Any flight deck write up I have been onboard for takes 3-4 hours to fix. Also, the mechanics inexperience is costing Northwest money. For example, our pilots wrote up a radio component that needed to be replaced. The pilot informed us it would take no more than 15 minutes to replace the part (it was sitting in the jetway). The "mechanics" forgot to turn off the power before beginning work and fried an entire system on the plane. Our 15 minute fix lasted 4 hours. A management mechanic was finally sent to work on the plane.  On another day the pilots wrote up a CIDS caution light on the f/a panel on an A320. I have seen you guys resolve the same problem in about 10 minutes. Now it seems to take 3 "mechanics" for every write up. One to read the manual, one to look at the problem and one to speak to maintenance control over the radio for instructions on how to fix the problem. This write up was no exception. They ran the diagnostic and trouble shooted for over an hour. Finally, a manager mechanic arrived and resolved the problem in about 10 minutes.  My last trip my entire crew was pulled to recrew a plane with a mechanical. The other crew had gone illegal. After we recrewed it the delay was over 5 hours. They never did fix the problem so we were given another plane. We arrived at our destination at 3 am local time.
Hang in there. We haven't forgotten you guys!!