Local 33 webmaster note:  This comes from the St. Paul Pipefitters Local #455. 

Dear Members of AMFA Local 33,

The union brothers and sisters of St. Paul Pipefitters Local #455 sympathize in your plight with NWA management and the damage they’ve done to so many fine employees who have worked so hard for our community. I’m not sure how to write this without it sounding like our local is preying on your members, but we’d like the members of Local #33 to know that your skills are respected and would be welcomed elsewhere if the NW situation doesn’t change. Our local only takes in the caliber of members that your local represents…hard working, intelligent, and mechanically inclined. Our pipefitting program is looking for workers like you, but we can’t find enough people who meet our testing standards. I believe many of the Local #33 members would be a great fit. Please visit our website at www.local455jatc.com.

I want to assure you that our local wishes the best for your local and in no way wants to hurt Local #33, but if the worst happens, please know that your brothers and sisters would like to talk with any member who wants to stay in Minnesota and has an interest in learning a new career as a pipefitter with Local 455. Please accept my apology if this message seems in poor taste, but we only wish to help.


Bob Donatell, Training Coordinator