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Use the template below to write your congressperson. Copy and paste into your word processor or email and fill in specific personal information.  Thank you. 


Representative _____________

 ____   State Office Building

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Dear Representative or Senator____________________:


I am writing to ask for your help regarding the mechanics who have lost their jobs at Northwest Airlines. These men and women have been without a job since August 20, 2005, when Northwest Airlines forced them into a strike. Northwest Airlines has publicly and privately said there are no more jobs available for the mechanics at the carrier. If there are no longer any jobs for these individuals, then it is time to grant them jobless benefits, to include retraining money, so they once again can become good tax paying citizens of the State of Minnesota. Our legislature has an obligation to help its citizens and I am asking for your immediate assistance. Here are just a few reasons we need your help:

·        In the 1990’s, the legislature put together a financing package of over $800 million dollars to help Northwest Airlines with the agreement they would create and maintain jobs in our state. Their broken promises resulted in minimal employment at the Duluth facilities, while the proposed engine shop in Hibbing was never built.

·        The Legislature failed to hold NWA accountable to that agreement thus allowing NWA to wreck thousands of families’ lives. 

·        The average unemployed mechanic has 25+ years of experience, is 40+ years old, and is a veteran.

·        They cannot get employed without gaining certification in many fields that already match their skill set.

Unemployed mechanics from Northwest Airlines need—they deserve—jobless benefits and retraining dollars. Please help NWA workers get back on their feet by authorizing a financial package that will allow that to happen.






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